Citizen's Co-op Work Party

Citizen's Co-op had a work party at a community garden on November 6th.  Some freshmen from the UF school of business were also there helping out.  We did some harvesting, some planting, some watering, some building of new beds, and some brick-laying for the walkway.  Here are some shots from the day:


Boulderween @ HP40 | Photography from Gainesville, FL

For Halloween weekend, I spent some time bouldering with the boys in our favorite spot, Horsepens 40 in Alabama.  I have to admit that I was loving the fall colors.  We don't really get that down here in Florida...

This time there was not a major comp happening so the environment was much more relaxed.  There was even a moment when the most famous problem at the site was open: Bumboy!  I think I tried it (and promptly fell off) two or three times.  I'm sure that Bo or Rich could've conquered that one with a little more time.

The phrase of the weekend was "Crush it! Arrrrrr."  Let me tell you, I definitely put the hurtin' on a couple V0s!  Arrrrr.