Maveric Tube Launch

This is a series of shots from our first successful tube launch from January.  We had another successful transition to flight with a slightly different type of tube launch today.  Woot!  Go team! 


St. George Island | Photography from Gainesville, Florida

Two weeks ago, we went to St. George Island on the Gulf Coast.  Ironically, the only gas station on the island is operated by BP :-/

I think we were both secretly a little nervous about seeing a bit of oil, especially as we saw patches of UID brown stuff on a few of the beaches along the way.  Fortunately, the beaches on the island were beautiful.  Part of the island is a nature preserve, so it was great to see that everything was clean.  

The water was exceptionally warm, especially compared to the previous weekend's beach trip to St. Augustine on the 'first coast' as they like to call it.  The water was about 70 with huge waves (well, north Florida huge).  At St. George, the water must have been at least 85, if not warmer.  It was almost uncomfortably hot.  Anyway, we did see some wildlife: two types of jellyfish, horseshoe crab, your standard tiny beach crabs, porpoises (yay!), a large blue crab, a couple of little yellow-finned barb-like fish that tried to school with us, and all your standard beach birds.

It was a pretty good day, I have to admit :)

Barry, Diana & Todd | Gainesville Portrait Photography

Here are the final edits on the shots for Diana and her family.  Barry is the cutest thing... sure to be a heartbreaker!  Sometimes he was shy or distracted and not too interested in me and the camera, but when he wanted to flash a look in my direction, magic happened!

... and for the record, Diana has beautiful eyes.  I'd love to do a more serious session with her just to capture her eyes :)


Senor Squeakytail

So I've adopted this cat.  He belonged to a neighbor's brother, but neither one wanted him so he was living under our house.  He was very sweet and quickly became one of my favorite local kitties.  Eventually, I ended up taking him to the vet for flea/parasite treatment and a sore leg, and he's just kinda become mine since then.  He cuddles up with me at night and is out cattin' about town during the day.

The problem is that I haven't found a name for him yet.  Bo insists that he should be 'Squeakers' because he has this little squeaky meow, so for a while he was Tommy Squeakers (he's a tomcat, get it?!?!).  Since then he's taken on variations such as Sammy Squeakytail, His Right Honorable Sir Squeakersons III, Squeakovani, Mr. Squeakypants, and many others.  I would like to find a real name for him, though.  A couple of thoughts I had last night were in tribute to the wonderful Czechlandia: Pivo or Nohavica.  For those of you that don't know, pivo means beer, but it's just a great word.  Jaromir Nohavica is a folk singer whose music I love; he is legendary over there.

Anyway, the search for the perfect name continues.  


AUVSI 2010 - Denver!!!

This year AUVSI was in Denver this year, and I was one of the lucky folks that was able to go.  This tradeshow marked my transition into the Marketing Department (wow, we have departments now!), which is a very exciting change for me.

AUVSI this year was different from last year's in D.C. in that there wasn't quite as many people at the show, but the people that we spoke to seemed to be more serious; fewer people going 'Wow, that's cool!' and more people asking us how we can work together and integrate technology.  Very nice change.

As usual, our booth was just swamped and so we were busy all day every day of the show.  We did have a little extra time on Monday, so Kevin and I hopped a bus to Boulder and hiked the Flatirons.  So nice to be back in the mountains!  AUVSI also held a special event for the show participants at Mile High Stadium.  Well, for those of you that don't know, that is a Gator fan's new mecca since Tebow (the living Gator legend) now plays for the Denver Broncos, so that was quite exciting for our littler group.  After hours, we usually hung around with our partners from Evergreen and ING as well as our friends from the Canadian DND.  It was an exhausting, wonderful week in my favorite state (when it's not on fire).

Diana and J showing off our new booth:

You know you've made it when you have your own wine!  
Denver was more artsy/culturally active than I had expected, which was a pleasant surprise!  They had a project going on with random pianos set up down the main strip (the second picture at the top) and people played them all day and all night.  It was great.

It's a Flatiron!

And of course, we took time to enjoy the local beers!  My favorite was the Avery Maharaja. :)



Prioria won a landmark contract with the Canadian government for $2.8M this summer, so we threw a party to celebrate!

Here are a few pics from the evening:

Bryan, one of our founders and our CEO

Jason, one of our founders, with his main squeeze Erin

Dennis and Alice (they are so photogenic!)

It's Bo and me!