Ben & Kathy at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

Things have been busy!

Here is a peek at Ben & Kathy's shoot at Kanapaha last weekend.  The weather did not cooperate, unfortunately... we tried to avoid the afternoon heat and rains, but we got rained on anyway.  And then it was crazy humid.  B & K were great sports, though.  They put up with some severely tropical weather to get these shots!!!

I ordered Photoshop and Lightroom to use on my fancy new iMac on May 18... and they still haven't arrived.  It's really getting frustrating that it is taking so long, not to mention the fact that I have photos from three or four shoots from the last few weeks that I have to work on!  Rumor has it that they have shipped... hopefully they'll arrive soon.  I just can't take it anymore.  So, all the shots posted here since the middle of May have been Straight Outta Camera without any processing/adjustment.  Please excuse them for being dark/light/crooked/etc. as a result :)

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