In July, we threw a surprise party for my mom's 59.5th birthday.  Her birthday is New Year's Eve so her birthday is usually fit in whenever it can be managed around the holidays, and in New York State, it's also really freakin' cold.  Since she has never had a summer birthday party and a day just for her, we figured that this would be the perfect opportunity!

After the party, the family went up to the cottage in the Adirondacks for several days.  It's still a work in progress, but it's great.  It has been my parents' dream for as long as I can remember to have a cottage, and now they are finally able building one right on the boundary of the park.  It will be just beautiful.  During the days we spent up there, I took one day to go hiking alone in the High Peaks area.  Weather started rolling in before I could get to the peak, but that's alright... more time for photos on the way down!  It was a wet hike, but I still very much appreciated having the chance to be outside and on a mountain trail... I feel like I belong there.

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