BBA Challenge: Artos - Greek Celebration Bread

I was ready for this bread to be an epic fail, but it at least looks alright so far.  I was unable to decorate the dough with the cross-shape; the dough I had reserved for that simply wouldn't cooperate, so I made it into two small boules and threw them into the oven.  I tried a bite of one and it seems to be lacking something.  I'll have to read through the recipe again to make sure I didn't miss anything.  I think I will be adding the glaze to the loaf, as the mini-loaves seem to suggest that it could use all the help it can get!

The recipe called for spices, raisins, nuts, lemon or orange zest (I used orange) and honey for this particular loaf (Christopsomos), which should give it a unique flavor.  It was a poolish recipe, so I used "baker's math" to up the formula for poolish so that I'd have enough for this dough as well as the next poolish recipe in the book - Ciabatta.  Right now that's chilling in a pre-proofing state and hopefully I can get that baked tomorrow.

On top of working with these two breads, I also managed to make palak paneer (with from-scratch paneer) for dinner, dirty up and then wash at least three sinkloads of dishes, and cleaned up a bit around the house.  No wonder I'm exhausted. 

Would love to hear about others' experiences with this bread!

ETA: Salt.  I think there was an issue with the salt.  Maybe next time I should try two batches - one by the book and one with a little extra salt and honey.  I'm not sure at this point whether I used the recommended amount or not... maybe i missed it all together?

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