BBA Challenge: Brioche!

I had a lovely and productive weekend at home... the weather was nice so i opened all the windows and doors and had a serious spring clean and garden preparation.  Part of the weekend included some time making the "Middle Class Brioche".  Brioche is a soft, slightly sweet bread heavily enriched with butter and eggs.  There are varying degrees of the flour to butter ratio, so I decided to go with the 'Middle Class' version, which has two sticks of butter in the dough (about a 2:1 ratio flour to butter), along with five eggs.

This recipe only took one day to make and was surprisingly easy.  I opted for the loaf-shape for my first try and ended up with three small loaves but would like  to experiment with other shapes next time.  The resulting bread was soft, light, and buttery.  Very flavorful with a pleasant yellow-ish color from the eggs.

I was delighted to finally try making it and to discover that it was not that difficult, so it will probably be showing up in other places in the future.  I saw a recipe for brie wrapped in brioche with a fruit chutney somewhere...  Oh, yeah.  That's what I'm talking about.  Bring it on!

And about two weeks straight at the gym afterwards.

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