Senor Squeakytail

So I've adopted this cat.  He belonged to a neighbor's brother, but neither one wanted him so he was living under our house.  He was very sweet and quickly became one of my favorite local kitties.  Eventually, I ended up taking him to the vet for flea/parasite treatment and a sore leg, and he's just kinda become mine since then.  He cuddles up with me at night and is out cattin' about town during the day.

The problem is that I haven't found a name for him yet.  Bo insists that he should be 'Squeakers' because he has this little squeaky meow, so for a while he was Tommy Squeakers (he's a tomcat, get it?!?!).  Since then he's taken on variations such as Sammy Squeakytail, His Right Honorable Sir Squeakersons III, Squeakovani, Mr. Squeakypants, and many others.  I would like to find a real name for him, though.  A couple of thoughts I had last night were in tribute to the wonderful Czechlandia: Pivo or Nohavica.  For those of you that don't know, pivo means beer, but it's just a great word.  Jaromir Nohavica is a folk singer whose music I love; he is legendary over there.

Anyway, the search for the perfect name continues.  

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