AUVSI 2010 - Denver!!!

This year AUVSI was in Denver this year, and I was one of the lucky folks that was able to go.  This tradeshow marked my transition into the Marketing Department (wow, we have departments now!), which is a very exciting change for me.

AUVSI this year was different from last year's in D.C. in that there wasn't quite as many people at the show, but the people that we spoke to seemed to be more serious; fewer people going 'Wow, that's cool!' and more people asking us how we can work together and integrate technology.  Very nice change.

As usual, our booth was just swamped and so we were busy all day every day of the show.  We did have a little extra time on Monday, so Kevin and I hopped a bus to Boulder and hiked the Flatirons.  So nice to be back in the mountains!  AUVSI also held a special event for the show participants at Mile High Stadium.  Well, for those of you that don't know, that is a Gator fan's new mecca since Tebow (the living Gator legend) now plays for the Denver Broncos, so that was quite exciting for our littler group.  After hours, we usually hung around with our partners from Evergreen and ING as well as our friends from the Canadian DND.  It was an exhausting, wonderful week in my favorite state (when it's not on fire).

Diana and J showing off our new booth:

You know you've made it when you have your own wine!  
Denver was more artsy/culturally active than I had expected, which was a pleasant surprise!  They had a project going on with random pianos set up down the main strip (the second picture at the top) and people played them all day and all night.  It was great.

It's a Flatiron!

And of course, we took time to enjoy the local beers!  My favorite was the Avery Maharaja. :)

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