Adam & Michele's Beloved Session

Last month I had the pleasure of having a Beloved session with two friends I don't see often enough - they live in Rochester, NY and I'm only there two or three times a year to see my family.

Beloved is a fairly new genre of photography.  It has caused a pretty big rift in the wedding/engagement photography industry, but I feel that it is right in line with what my goals are as a photographer and I'm wholeheartedly for it.  In a Beloved session, the photographer sets the stage for the couple by giving them verbal cues.  I may ask the couple to play a game or imagine themselves in a particular situation.  Once I give them the cues, they begin to interact with each other and I take on the role of a photojournalist, snapping away in the background.

The thing is that the cues allow the couple to create magic.  What I ask the couple to do is to take time out of their lives to play together, to laugh together, to share memories and future plans, and just remember why they they are together in the first place.  The result is that I document love, laughter, and sometimes tears... but always true, honest emotion.  THAT is beautiful.  Nothing posed, nothing artificial.  Watching a couple interact and seeing the love just pour out of them is absolutely gorgeous.  I love it.  I just love it.  A big thank you to Adam and Michele for being open and holding nothing back - you guys are amazing. :)


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