In the Adirondacks with the cutest niece ever!

I had a lovely trip up to Rochester, NY/the Adirondacks a couple weeks ago.  It is so nice to be in Rochester when it's only 75 degrees up there and 100 degrees here in Florida :)  All of the siblings managed to make the trip, including my very tiny and very cute niece.  I'm still getting used to being called 'Aunt Kristin'!  

We only had one or two days in Rochester and then we went up to work on the cottage my parents are building in the Adirondack Mountains for the rest of the week.  I did take a day to go into town to get some work done and to do a short hike.  I love it up there; I'm so glad that my parents are finally able to build the cottage they've always wanted.  It's going to be GORGEOUS when it's done... not to mention the fact that it will be special because of all of the hours that they, friends and relatives, and all of us have put into it.   Pictures of the cottage were taken by my brother :)

My adorable niece!  Those curls were out of control cute :)

My little hike:

"The Shed" - this doubles as a cabin complete with murphy bed, table and chairs, counter, propane camp stove, and wood burning stove

The main cottage

The loft - panelling almost done!  Every board was individually sanded and varnished (twice - by hand) before being mounted.

We got the bathroom and kitchen plumbing functioning this trip!  The first time we could shower, wash dishes, and flush a toilet since the property was purchased a few years ago made for quite an exciting weekend :)

And this is the view from the back porch.  Not bad, right? :)

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