Ah, a new year, a new moment of inspiration...

Sure, I'll jump on the bandwagon and start something new.  I was poking around on Etsy (where I have a lovely little letterpress shop) and somehow ended up on the homepage of a video blog series that will be documenting the progress of a bunch of girls as they put themselves through a 30-day challenge that they chose for themselves.  Of course, watching them I got all inspired and finally decided to do one of those things that many photographers do these days... a photo-a-day challenge.  Now, I'm not going to go crazy here and say that I'm going to take one photo every day at 7:09pm on the dot for the next year.  That's a little too much for me, though a really interesting project for those who are up for it.  However, I am willing to take and post one fresh photo every day through the second of February.  If I like it, maybe I'll keep going.  If I hate it, I'll be done soon enough.
Now, the problem is that on weekends or when I'm away, I'm pretty good at disconnecting and staying off the grid.  That means I might not actually post every day, but I will take a fresh photo every day and post it when I get back into the groove of modern civilization.  Sound reasonable?
Awesome.  It begins now.

I thought I'd start with a self-portrait.  I'm a big fan of the honest portrait - show me the imperfections in the skin, the asymmetry in the face, the flyaway pieces of hair... this type of portrait should document a face.  I had been meaning to sit down and do another attempt at a self-portrait for a few weeks now anyway, so I felt it was the an appropriate beginning to a new challenge in a new year.  Day one.

50mm 1.4 @ f/1.4 1/250sec ISO 100 flash at 1/32 on camera with sunpak diffuser

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