Boxcar Press

Over the holidays I was back home in Rochester, NY.  I was so close to Boxcar Press in Syracuse that I couldn't resist taking the time to visit.  Turns out that the whole family wanted to go, so there were five of us on the tour.  Let me tell you, those folks are wonderful!  I contacted Cathy and she got me set up with a time and date.  When we came by, it was pajama day.  That right there could've made the tour for me.  Cathy generously spent a good hour and a half with us and took us through every section of the building and showed us the individual steps in their process from making a design into a plate to operating a Heidelberg windmill.  My dad even got to pull a test impression on a freshly made plate.  It was a really great experience.

Here are some shots (SOC) from our visit:

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